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Wooden Door Cnc Woodworking Machine

Wooden Door Cnc Woodworking Machine

Machine details
1) Machine body design with high strength and double driving motors of Y axis, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate.
2) Advanced CNC processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation...

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Product Description:
The wooden door cnc woodworking machine has the outstanding characteristics of fast processing, stable operation, high precision, more humanized design, simple and durable. As an economical product, it can produce a variety of wood products and effectively replace most manual operations at a reasonable price and with higher efficiency. And the strict selection of various electrical accessories minimizes the failure rate and ensures the long service life of the machine. The model number of this product is 1325, and other special requirements can be customized. 


  • The body is strong and not deformed, the column is made by integral casting, the steel is strong, the rotation is stable, and the long-term high-speed operation does not shake.

  • Multiple spindle motors work in different stages, saving tool change time and processing products in large quantities. 

  • Advanced automatic tool change program, the program is automatically executed without manual intervention.

  • Adopts domestic famous brand water-cooled spindle, which has low noise and large cutting force, which can ensure long-term large-scale processing and improve working efficiency greatly. 

  • Z-axis adopts imported ball screw of industrial level, which can position accurately and make processing effect more perfect.

  • Y-axis adopts double motor drive, high-precision rack drive, with strong cutting spindle for faster engraving, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate.and lower fault rate.

  • Imported linear square guide rails, double-row of ball slides, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

  • Energy-saving vacuum absorption table function and dust collectors can protect the environment.

  • Advanced CNC processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation, as well as can receive data through U disk or network.

  • Special control system (optional Weihong system, DSP offline handle control system, etc.), with breakpoint, power off, broken knife continuous carving function, with high stability, high efficiency, and easy to learn.



1325 cnc router

Working area (X*Y)


Table size


Processing accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



3.5kw air cooling spindle

Working table

Aluminum table

Spindle rotating speed


Max. moving Speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Square rail/Ball screw


AC220V/50Hz, AC380V/50Hz



Feeding height


Drive motor

stepper motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL

Compatible software

Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM software

Widely used in furniture industry, decoration industry, arts and crafts industry, such as the processing of wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, desks and chairs, decorative materials, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils, screens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards and sign making. It can also be used in the field of non-metal molds.

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