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Wooden Door Cnc Engraving Machine

Machine details
1) Machine body design with high strength and double driving motors of Y axis, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate.
2) Advanced CNC processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation...

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Product Description:

Equipped with advanced CNC system and well-known brand of drive and motor, the wooden door cnc engraving machine has the outstanding advantages of more reasonable body design, faster processing, convenient maintenance, low failure rate, user-friendly operation, stable operation, low noise and so on.


  • The machine body is welded by thick-walled steel tubes, which has good rigidity, high strength and average load carrying capacity, and is not easy to be deformed.

  • Equipped with advanced CNC machining system, the intelligent module runs at high speed and has high automation, ensuring long-term high-speed machining of the machine and receiving data via USB or network.

  • Dual motor drive, dual gear drive, stable transmission, ensuring no jitter during long-term high-speed operation.

  • High-power spindle has constant power, low noise and excellent cutting force, which greatly improves work efficiency.

  • Imported high-precision linear guide has the features of stable operation, high precision and stable support, which prolongs the service life of the machine.

  • Z-axis adopts imported industrial grade ball screw for accurate positioning and perfect machining results.

  • Y-axis adopts high-intensity double-drive motor, which has strong power, stable operation, fast speed, high positioning accuracy.

  • Can be compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design and production software, such as TYPE3, Artcam, JD, Artcut, UG, MasterCAM and so on.

  • Energy-saving vacuum adsorption table functions and dust collectors protect the environment.

  • Equipped with a separate control cabinet for easy machine maintenance.

  • Multi-level protection alarm, timely understanding of the machine condition, outstanding anti-interference ability.



1325 cnc router

Working Area (X*Y)


Table size


Processing accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



3.5kw air cooling spindle

Working table

Aluminum table

Spindle rotating speed


Max Moving Speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Square rail/Ball screw


AC220V/50Hz, AC380V/50Hz



Feeding Height


Drive motor

Stepper motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL


Widely used in furniture industry, decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, wooden handicraft industry, etc. For example, large-area plate flat engraving, solid wood furniture engraving, solid wood mural carving, solid wood engraving, MDF paint-free door engraving, kitchen window door engraving, etc.

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