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Wardrobe Production Line Cnc Router

Wardrobe Production Line Cnc Router

Wooden door, cabinet, panel fumiture, closet, etc. Suitable for standard or bespoke production.
Woodworking industry: stereo wave board processing, cupboard door, craft wood door, wenqi door, screen, process window home furniture product milling form sculpture...

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Product Description:

As a versatile product, the wardrobe production line cnc router is a highly automated nesting solution. It comes with an automatic loading and unloading system. The full duty cycle of loading, nesting, drilling and unloading is performed automatically for maximum productivity and zero downtime. In addition, the user-friendly machine control interface design helps the workers to operate the machine better and achieve a leap in productivity. It is very suitable for the production of panel furniture, office furniture, cabinets, etc.


  • World-class components: Adopts Japanese square linear guides, double-row four-sided ball slides, which has large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long working life; Imported ball screw, Z-axis upper and lower double-sided engraving, double-sided pattern consistent, the table top can be adjusted up and down, flexible tool setting.

  • Bed system: Steel structure as a whole, finishing, strong support, average bearing capacity, ensuring the body is invariant.

  • Transmission system: Mobile gantry design, Y-axis adopts German spiral rack drive, stable transmission, low noise, high strength and long service life.

  • Drive system: Double motor drive, double gear drive, high power, stable transmission, no vibration during long-term high-speed operation.

  • Control system: Italian high-frequency electric spindle, control system and drill bit set, good system stability, effectively improve machining accuracy and smoothness. The software controls the spindle operation with a high degree of automation.

  • Other configurations: Water-cooled spindle motor and vacuum adsorption table.



1325 cnc cutting machine

Working area (X*Y)


Table size


Processing accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


Control system



6kw air cooling spindle

Spindle rotating speed


Max. moving speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Ball screw




Servo driver

Feeding height


Drive motor

Servo motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL

Compatible software

Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM software


Widely used in panel furniture industry, advertising sign industry, sheet metal cutting industry, stone processing industry, metal mold industry, building materials decoration industry and so on. Such as wooden door, panel fumiture, wardrobe, stereo wave board processing, cupboard door, craft wood door, wenqi door, screen, process window home furniture product milling form sculpture.

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