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Wardrobe Production Line Cnc Machine

Wooden door, cabinet, panel fumiture, closet, etc. Suitable for standard or bespoke production.
Woodworking industry: stereo wave board processing, cupboard door, craft wood door, wenqi door, screen, process window home furniture product milling form sculpture...

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Product Description:
As a cost-effective equipment with the CNC cutting machine to form an economical panel wardrobe CNC production line, this product can replace the traditional machine. It is free from the dependence of traditional processing methods on workers, and is perfectly combined with special intelligent furniture design software to truly realize intelligent production, which greatly saves labor costs and reduces damage during production. In addition, all the precision parts in the wardrobe production line CNC machine are processed by precision metal machining center, which guarantees machine precision and high efficiency. It is suitable for a variety of furniture processing plants. 


  • Automated loading and unloading system: The complete workcycle of loading, nesting, drilling and unloading are performed automatically for maximum productivity and zero downtime.

  • World-class components: Italian high-frequency electric spindle, controller system and drill bank; German spiral rack and pinion drive; Japan self-lubricating dust-proof square linear guide and high-precision planetary gear reducer.

  • More powerful drive: using well-known brand high-power servo motor, the power is stronger

  • Real multi-function: with functions such as breakpoint continuation, power failure recovery, processing time prediction, truly humanized design.

  • Excellent software compatibility: Open software interface, compatible with Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM and other design software to ensure design accessibility.


Operating area (X*Y)


Table dimension(mm)


Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy




Spindle speed


Max. moving speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Ball screw

Power source


Feeding height


Drive type

Servo motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL


Mainly for the production of cupboard door,wooden door, wardrobe, cabinet, panel fumiture, stereo wave board processing, craft wood door, and other furniture product. It also can be used in the production of MDF cutting.

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