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1325 Cnc Wood Caving Machine

Machine details
1)Machine body design with high strength and double driving motors of Y axis, which have more reasonable design, fast processing speed, easy-operated maintenance and low fault rate.
2) Advanced CNC processing system has powerful functions and humanized operation...

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Prodcut Description:

The 1325 cnc wood caving machine is a kind of engraving machine for flat caving and hollow caving of wooden doors, furniture, acrylic, etc. All the locating bearings, ball screws, linear guides and racks of this machine are maintained by a centralized automatic lubrication system of the control system. It has the characteristics of high engraving speed and high precision. As a uniquely designed caving machine, it can fully meet the requirements of carving.


  • The gantry structure, the support surface of the guide rail is stable, the rack drive mode, the transmission is stable, ensuring long-term high-speed operation without deformation.

  • The high-power spindle has constant power, low noise and excellent cutting force, which greatly improves work efficiency.

  • Y-axis is driven by a high-intensity dual-motor, which has a fast processing speed, stable operation, convenient maintenance, low failure rate and low noise.

  • Z-axis adopts industrial grade imported ball screw for accurate positioning and perfect machining results.

  • Adopts imported linear square guide rails and double row and four rows of ball slides. It has large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

  • With double-tooth drive, the operation is simpler and the design is more user-friendly.

  • The vacuum adsorption table can effectively absorb different sizes of plates and protect the environment.

  • Offline remotely operated USB interface DSP operating system, more user-friendly design, handle-type for simple operation.

  • Adopts  unique intelligent budget rule to fully utilize the potential of the motor to achieve high-speed machining.

  • Excellent software compatibility, compatible with TYPE3, Artcam, Artcut, UG, MasterCAM and other CAD / CAM design and production software.


Working area (X*Y)


Table dimension


Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



3.0kw water-cooling/3.5kw air cooling

Operating system


Spindle rotating speed


Max. moving speed


Working speed


Working power


Feeding height



Driving system

Stepper motor

Command language

G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL

Widely used for flat panel engraving, mahogany furniture, solid wood art murals, MDF paint-free doors, cabinet doors, bedside tables, screen engraving, sewing machine countertops, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden crafts, art models, artistic font characters, logos, composite doors, wave board and other various wooden industrial products.

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