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Metal Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

Metal Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Description of metal plasma cutting machine
Plasma Cutting is used to cutthe metals with electric conducctivity such as mild carbon steel,stainless steel and aluminum.It's mainly used to cut 1-50mm mild carbon steel,1-75mm stainless steel and aluminum. Features of metal plasma...

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Product Description:
The metal cnc plasma cutting machine uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt the metal part, and uses high-speed plasma momentum to remove the molten metal to form a slit, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting. As a machine for processing metal materials by means of plasma cutting technology, it has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to cutting pattern limitation, automatic typesetting saving material, smooth cutting, low processing cost and so on.


  • The whole adopts the all-welded structure to ensure it not deformed after long-term using.

  • The whole process structure is reasonable, the beam adopts special standard profiles, and the superior plasma anti-interference ability.

  • The advanced plasma-specific CNC system is completely offline and truly user-friendly.

  • The drive system uses rolling bearings and precision gear meshing racks with a precision machining accuracy of 6GB.The input and output errors are only 16 arc minutes, and the automatic clearance compensation device is added to enable it to accurately drive the implementation of the structure.

  • The guide rail is introduced into the guiding structure of the automatic clamping device, and does not cause the wheel to be clamped or slack during smooth running on the rail.

  • With power-off, breakpoint continuous cutting, processing time prediction, automatic tool setting and other functions, the real humanized design.

  • Linear guides ensure that the workpiece cuts are small and tidy, with high precision and no slag.

  • Compatible with a variety of software, such as Type3, Artcam, Ucancam, etc.

  • Equipped with infrared positioning device to ensure processing and repeat positioning accuracy.

  • Equipped with automatic material leakage and automatic air extraction system, it processes smokeless dust and is convenient to take.




Working precision


Cutting thickness

0.1-30mm(depending on plasma power)


Servo/stepper motor

Cutting speed


Moving speed


Cutting accuracy




Power frequency


Input voltage

3PH 400V

Files transfer

USB Interface


Untouched Arc Striking Arc Pressure Adjuster

Support file



Widely used in the sheet metal processing, advertising signs, mechanical and electrical products shell processing, craft decoration, wrought iron gardens, automobile manufacturing, ships, electrical accessories, chassis electrical cabinets, parts cutting, thick plate shaped cutting and other processing and rivet welding industry.

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