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Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine

Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Description:
Plasma Cutting is used to cutthe metals with electric conducctivity such as mild carbon steel,stainless steel and aluminum.It's mainly used to cut 1-50mm mild carbon steel,1-75mm stainless steel and aluminum. Features 1) metal cutting cnc plasma cutting machine adopt...

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Product Description:
The industrial plasma cutting machine is a desktop gantry structure. The whole work surface of the machine adopts the integral rim structure, which has the outstanding advantages of the stable and reliable operation and long service life. And the drawing software can be directly used to draw graphics during the using time, without conversion, direct cutting and simple nesting. It is suitable for the cutting of various metal materials, such as thin sheet of carbon steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc., with a good effect, no dross and burrs. 


  • High-precision rack and imported motor, the gears and racks are polished, the machining precision is 6GB, the durability is high, falt surfaceand high cutting precision.

  • The input and output error is only 16 arc minutes, and in the horizontal and vertical structure of the gear transmission, an automatic clearance compensation device is added, which enables it to accurately drive the implementation of the CNC-issued instructions of the structure.

  • The system is fully compatible with CAD/CAM nesting software such as Type3/Artcam/Ucancam, which is convenient for users to use; U disk reading program and software upgrade; with power-off, breakpoint protection memory function.

  • The vertical rail is a guiding structure for introducing the automatic clamping device. There is no eccentric clamping structure, and the automatic detachable power directional structure makes it two. 

  • The height adjustment body of the machine adopts aluminum alloy structure to reduce the beam load, and the adjustment shaft adopts high carbon steel rod, which has high hardness and wear resistance.

  • Equipped with water spray device to improve cutting effect and reduce thermal deformation.

  • Equipped with a closed environmental protection tank and soot treatment system, the cutting environment is cleaner and the air is fresher.




Operating precision


Cutting thickness

0.1-30mm(depend on plasma power)


Servo/stepper motor

Max. cutting speed


Max. moving speed


Cutting accuracy






Input voltage

3PH 400V

Arc striking method

Untouched Arc Striking Arc Pressure Adjuster

Support file



Widely used in engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry, mining machinery, thick plate special-shaped cutting and other steel plate cutting industry.

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