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Multi Heads Wood Cnc Router

Multi Heads Wood Cnc Router

Features of four heads cnc router
1. Structural stability: heavy steel bed, solid deformation.
2. Good parts: Adopt Taiwan HIWIN linear guide and TBI ball screw.
3. Drive more robust: the use of advanced well-known brand stepper motor, more powerful...

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Product Description:

As an efficient and economical machine designed for mass production, the multi heads wood CNC router is a four-head woodworking engraving machine, and four heads can be processed at the same time, or can be used alone, which is four times more efficient than single head machine. It scans the complex embossed graphic to the computer, and then cooperates with the processing software to generate a complete CNC machining workpiece path, and finally completes the work through the computer engraving machine.


  • Adopts aggravated steel structure, which has good rigidity and no deformation, and the work surface is backed by steel plate, which has high strength and stable operation.

  • Adopts Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, which is fast and powerful.

  • The main shaft adopts dustproof and waterproof high-power variable frequency water-cooled motor, which has low noise and can realize continuous operation.

  • Z-axis is driven by a high-precision TBI ball screw for stable performance and high precision.

  • Imported stepper motor and high-speed drive ensure long-term high-speed operation of the machine.

  • Intelligent high-speed module can realize power-off recovery, breakpoint continuous carving, processing every other day, convenient and labor-saving.

  • Adopts advanced DSP-type USB interface handles the operating system (reading the U disk) completely offline, without taking up computer resources.

  • The NC studio control system is used to seamlessly combine the machine tool and the computer, the operation is simple, and the processing effect is more perfect.

  • Compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design software generated processing code, such as Type3 / ARTCAM / Castmate / etc. 


Working area


Working table

Aluminum table

Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



X and Y by rack, and Z by ballscrew

Max. travelling speed


Max. working speed


Spindle power

2.2kw water cooling spindle

Spindle speed


Driving system

Stepper motor and leadshine driver



Control system

NC studio control system

Dust collector

Dural dust collector

Power supply

AC220V/50-60Hz or 380V/50-60HZ




G code/mmg/plt


Furniture industry: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, plates, antique furniture, doors and windows, tables and chairs, etc.

Decoration industry: architectural models, screens, wave boards, large wall hangings, billboards and signage.

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