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Advertising Cnc Machine For Wood

★Product features
1. Imported high precision preloaded backlash ball screw, the movement is generated when clearance reduced to the smallest.
2. Use the high quality brand drive, faster than the original model improves nearly 2 meters...

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Product Description:

As a basic CNC device, the advertising cnc machine for wood has the advantages of intelligent body design, unparalleled configurability, excellent craftsmanship and so on. The casting body ensures the machining accuracy and stability, and it can simultaneously complete the workload of several machines, which greatly saves production time and input cost and improves production efficiency. Besides, the  manufactured products are finely engraved, without serrations, and the base layer is smooth and has a clear outline.


  • The gantry type countertop is durable, and it is deformed for a long time, and the positioning accuracy is better.

  • The high-performance and high-power variable frequency spindle makes the engraving and cutting effect more perfect, stronger and longer.

  • The imported high-power servo motor have higher processing efficiency and better effect, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources.

  • It adopts high-strength mechanical structure and imported linear guide rails, double-row ball slide sliders, large carrying capacity, stable operation, high precision and long service life.

  • The imported high-precision preloaded ball screw is used to generate the movement when the clearance is reduced to a minimum.

  • The breakpoint memory function is guaranteed to be used for accidents or for processing the next day.

  • Optional U disk embedded CNC machining system, simple operation, stable performance, powerful, more user-friendly, smoother machine processing.

  • Software compatibility is very high, compatible with common industrial design CAD / CAM software commonly used in the market, such as Type3, Artcam, Ucancam,etc.




Working Area


Traverse Speed


Spindle Power

1.5KW VFD, 24000RPM, bigger power spindle optional

Spindle Cooling

Water cooling (air cooling or Italian HSD optional)

Clamp Diameter


Mechanical Precision

0.025 mm

Lathe Structure

Whole cast iron


Square linear rail (or circular rail)


Ball screw

Drive Motor

Stepper motor (Panasonic/Yaskawa/Delta servo motor optional)

Compatible Commands

G-CODE, PLT, mmg, UG, ENG, HPGL, etc.

Operating System

Mach 3 (Ncstudio, DSP optional)



Whole Machine Size


Net Weight



Widely used for small mold, bronzing mold, motor, micro injection mold, shoe mold, badge, embossed mold, biscuit, chocolate, candy mold, art carving, dial, font, all kinds of signs and trademarks processing.

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