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Metal Carving CNC Machinery

Metal Carving CNC Machinery

Applicable material
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Product Description:

This metal carving CNC machinery is a relatively small and novel multi-function engraving machine that can be conveniently placed on the table for engraving and cutting work. Fully enclosed design, reasonable structure and low noise, easy to learn and operate, it is a CNC engraving machine that combines engraving and cutting functions. It can engrave beautiful graphic and three-dimensional relief on various metal materials (such as aluminum, copper, steel, etc.) at high speed and effectively, which greatly improving production efficiency.


  • Gantry movement ensures the undeformation after a long-time work as well as a higher accuracy

  • Cast iron of the whole machine body, the machine tool has small vibration, good rigidity, stable operation, low noise, and high finished product finish.

  • The double nut automatic elimination gap ball screw is used as the transmission structure.

  • X.Y.Z three-axis imported straight square rail, smooth motion, high precision and low vibration.

  • High-power water-cooled brushless variable frequency spindle motor with strong cutting force and durability.

  • Adopts high speed drives and stepper motors to increase productivity.

  • The unique dustproof and waterproof setting can effectively ensure the cleaning of the mechanical transmission part and make the maintenance work easier.

  • Broken-point memory ensures the continuity of work when incident happens.

  • Suitable for a variety of CAD / CAM software ,such as type3, Artcam, Castmate, Wentai, etc.

  • The professional and stable CNC numerical control system has large starting acceleration, stable operation, high feed rate and stability, and effectively improves processing efficiency.


Working area





Sufar 1.5kw

Guide rail

HIWIN Linear square guide rail


Imported Taiwan ballscrew

Driving mode

Stepper motor

Spindle cooling

Water cooling

Spindle speed


Empty traveling speed


Engraving speed



AC 380V 50/60Hz, three phase

Resetting accuracy


Carving instructions

G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL

Control system





Suitable for processing various metal materials: processing and drilling of small precision workpieces such as copper, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, high precision copper electrode, various small molds and lettering, metal glasses frame, mobile phone, DCD panel cutting, electronic mold, Watch case electrode and so on.

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