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CO2 Cnc Laser Engraving Machine

CO2 Cnc Laser Engraving Machine

Machine description
This equipment can be used to engrave on the surface of various materials. The features of equipment are fast operating speed, easy to use, low cost, reliable engraving effects. Besides, the engraving depth can be easily adjusted with high precision...

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Product Description:

The CO2 cnc laser engraving machine uses CO2 to charge the discharge tube as the medium for generating laser light, then amplifies the laser energy to form a laser beam for material processing, and changes the laser beam path through computer controlled galvanometer to realize automatic engraving. It has the advantages of reasonable overall structural design, high precision, stable and reliable machine, long component life and low cost, so it can realize continuous uninterrupted engraving in a wide range.  


  • The integrated frame structure design makes the machine run stably and without noise, ensures long-term work.

  • The imported laser is used, the light output is stable, the failure rate is low, the service life is long, and the use and maintenance costs are lower.

  • Adopts DSP off-line control system with laser cutter USB port interface.

  • The imported linear guide and high-speed stepping motor and driver are used to make the cutting effect smooth and free of ripples.

  • Can support multiple file formats,such as DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, etc. for enhanced ease of operation and use.

  • Equipped with a red dot alignment pointer, helping you to properly position your work under the laser head.

  • Equipped with a water shutoff protector to better protect the laser and extend the life of the laser.




Laser Power


Laser Type

CO2 sealed, glass laser tube, water cooling

Operating Area

900 * 600 mm

Cooling Way

Water-cooled and Protection System

Engraving Scanning Speed

0-60000 mm/min

Cutting Speed


Laser Output Control

1-100% Software Setting

Min. Engraving Thinkness

English: 1.0X1.0 mm

Max. Scanning Precision


Operating Voltage

AC110-220V±10%, 50-60Hz

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


Location Precision


Drive Motor

Stepper Electrical Motor


Advertising industry: Plexiglass engraving, sign engraving, two-color plate engraving, etc.

Craft industry: Engraving beautiful text and patterns on wood, marble, crystal, leather and other materials.

Carton printing industry: Used to engrave rubber sheets, double-layer boards, plastic boards, etc.

Leather and garment processing industry: Engraving complex text and graphics on leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather and fabric.

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