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Advertising Engraving Machine

Advertising Engraving Machine

This machine is widely used in advertising industry, such as sign making ,department nameplate ,chest badge ,architectural model, ABS plate , acrylic cutting, jade ,glass and marble engraving. 1,Solid gantry, well structure of lathe bed ,stable lathe table, fast speed and high accuracy . 2,...

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Product Description:

The advertising engraving machine combines the advantages of a high-power engraving machine with a low-power engraving machine. The high-rigidity frame guarantees its stability, makes the whole machine run smoothly and durable; the imported high-precision anti-backlash ball screw makes the precision further improved. The machine has the advantages of low noise, fast speed, high precision, low energy consumption,  maintenance-free and environmentally friendly, which is the best choice for mass production.


  • The engraved product is fine and non-serrated, with a smooth bottom and a clear outline.

  • Solid gantry, the machine bed structure is good, the lathe table is stable, and is not deformed for a long time use, the positioning accuracy is more accurate.

  • High-speed water-cooled spindles and high-performance subdivision drives ensure long-term stable operation.

  • Equipped with imported double-nut ball screw to minimize the gap generated during operation.

  • Equipped with imported four-row steel ball guide rails and self-lubricating blocks to equalize the forces in all directions, ensuring mechanical precision and strength.

  • Adopts advanced CNC system (NCstudio or DSP control system), the processing source for multiple workpieces can be retained.

  • The function of breakpoint memory ensures that the machining can be continued in case of accident or the next day, and the processing precision of long-time operation is guaranteed.

  • The utility model is practical and easy to maintain. It can easily check the movement path of the tool and adjust the machining depth of the Z axis and the speed of the motor.

  • Optional stainless steel water tanks.



FASTCUT-1218 CNC Router

Working area (X*Y*Z)

1200X1800X150mm(optional: higher Z axis)

Working accuracy


Relocation accuracy



2.2KW variable speed, water-cooled (3.0kw, or bigger spindle)

Spindle speed


Max. moving speed


Engraving speed


Driving mode

Ball screw

Working voltage


Max. power consumption


Feeding height

150mm or bigger motor

Drive motor

Stepper or servo motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo,HPGL

Supported Software

Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM software



Packing size

1700mm X 1700mm X 1600mm (wooden trunk)

Net weight



Widely used in advertising industry, such as sign making, department nameplate, chest badge, architectural model, ABS plate, acrylic cutting, glass and marble engraving, large-word cutting, LED/neon trough, hole-shaped literal cutting, blister light box mold making, etc.

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